5 Things People Do That Make No Sense

Today I’m going to write about 5 things I have observed people around me doing which have made absolutely no sense at all.

#1 : Helmets

This is something which has ALWAYS baffled me.

Why do two wheelers only have the rider sitting in the front wearing a helmet and NEVER the pillion rider?

Seriously? Is the pillion rider some sort of invincible super-human who doesn’t need a helmet? What gives? I’ve spoken to a few traffic cops about this too. All of them say that the law only requires the rider to wear a helmet. Makes sense.

This also applies for cars and seat-belts. Only the front two passengers are required to wear a belt. The rear two (or more?) are totally safe in the event of a crash.

#2 : Sidewalks

This is about people walking on the road instead of the sidewalk. Even when there is a sidewalk available.

Perhaps we like to live on the edge.

#3 : Smartphone Apps

We all know someone like this.

#4 : The PDA Rule

You’re not allowed to show affection in public (read: kissing) but you can quite fearlessly show your privates in public.

Makes so much sense the logic ministry broke down.

#5 : Taking pictures with foreigners

Whenever I’ve travelled around to tourist places with friends from Europe, we were approached by absolutely RANDOM people asking to take pictures. Seriously?


Yeah, so basically that’s it. There are a lot more things, though, which people do and make no sense.

It would make no sense to list them all here.

That is all.

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