How Life Works

Today, I’m going to write about how life works. No shit, totally serious stuff. This post is inspired from this comic I read on 9GAG Akimbo Comics.

It’s funny how most of us are so busy trying to figure out our life that we forget that we have it already figured out. Our lives right now are a direct realisation of how we want them to be – even without knowing it.

You might ask though: “But I wanted to be super-smart and filthy rich! I’m none of those things at the moment! My life sucks bollocks!” Well, my point still holds. If you really wanted all those things, you’d spend ALL your waking hours working towards those goals. You probably wouldn’t attend to your social life, watch TV, enjoy your hobbies or maintain relationships. With enough hard work and perseverance, there’s no reason why you wouldn’t achieve your goals! But that’s where the trap-door lies. Your other occupations are far more important than the goals you think you want to achieve.

What about things which are out of your control? It’s a waste of time thinking about them. I quote from the comic “Worrying about shit you can’t change is a waste. You might as well be pissed you can’t fly or breathe underwater.” This is absolutely true, and I speak from experience.

All in all, the thought I’m trying to instil here is that we can have absolutely whatever we want in life – just as long as we’re absolutely willing to put in more than a hundred percent in achieving it. Putting in 50 percent will only get you half the way. Our circumstances are a DIRECT consequence of our thoughts and actions.

Here’s the original comic from 9GAG Akimbo Comics:


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