The Most Well-Written Bollywood Song Ever (With English Translation)

Lo and behold: ‘Sunny Sunny’ from the movie ‘Yaariyan’.

My first impression: Wow. What a song. Such deep meaning. This sort of stuff totally trumps even Bohemian Rhapsody. When did Bollywood become so good? I’m sure it’s Honey Singh’s magic. Dude seems to be everywhere these days. Much like India’s Justin Bieber. Wow.

Sunny Sunny

Today the water is blue.
Water water water water water.
The day is also sunny.
Sunny sunny sunny sunny sunny.
Dude come to the beach.
Click my picture. Your luck will be bad if you don’t listen.

My interpretation: The writer is obviously enjoying a very vivid imagination. Is he high? I mean, who can come up with this kind of stuff? Wow. Also we are made to understand that the writer has a compulsive need to share everything on Instagram (presumably, since he also seems very hip) and is very superstitious. What a personality.

Moving on…

It should be sunset time.
The night should be cold.
Let’s go to party, dudes.
I can’t wait anymore.
Start the music.
It’s getting late man, start the party.
Make me drink from the bottle.
After that, I don’t care.

My interpretation: The song takes on a very ambitious turn. The writer obviously knows how to have fun. We are now made to understand that he is a very impatient person. There are signs of possible alcohol and/or milk abuse (make me drink from the bottle/bottle pila do mujhko). The writer also makes a bold statement that he will not care about anything once he’s done drinking. He clearly hasn’t had a drink before. Hence we conclude that the aforementioned abuse was milk related. Also, the entire stanza sounds like what the really restless, wannabe alpha dude at every gathering would say.

Also, is that ice-cream? Damn I feel like having some now.

One: you should be there. I should also be there.
And the sound of the sea should be present as well.
Come to my arms, what are you waiting for?
I’ll take you on my lovely little yacht.
We’ll get drunk on Malibu shots.

My interpretation: Very demanding. I’m impressed. He’s clearly expressing his innate alpha-male character. The mere fact that he being present along with her, with the sea-sound supposedly acting as a catalyst to heat things up, will get her to agree to come to his arms is a testimony to his greatness. Also, he owns a ‘lovely little yacht’. What’s not to like? Alpha as f*ck, rich as f*ck and ballsy as f*ck. Moreover, what the hell are Malibu shots? I should totally google that up.

So guys, there you go. This song should win the award for best lyrics. Seriously. Such deep meaning has not been come across by me in a very long time. With three unique stanzas, this dude Honey Singh has done what most lyricists can’t. I’m impressed.

Let’s go yachting.

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