Challenges That Face Students Today

After 3 weeks of inactivity, this is my first post! Today I’m going to write about the challenges students face today.

There are many challenges facing students of the globally interconnected world today. One of them is the lack of a stable economy. The economic situation in many countries at the moment isn’t as optimistic as it was a few years ago. With the cost of education rising so rapidly this has been leading many individuals, especially students with intentions to study abroad, to rethink their choice of education. The increasing cost of education and living, coupled with an uncertainty in getting a job after graduation is proving to be quite a hurdle for many aspiring to get a world-class education.

Another problem which troubles students today is the increasing competition. In India, for example, there are only a handful of colleges of high repute and there are hundreds of thousands of students aiming to get accepted into one of them. The number of applicants is rising year after year while the number of colleges and places at these colleges has not been proportionately growing. This leads to a lot of pressure and has been leading many to spend a disproportionately large amount time in high-school studying in order to achieve high grades, thereby missing out on the opportunity to develop other facets of their personality.

Thirdly, there is also a distinct lack of knowledge among students today regarding opportunities and options after high-school. Most are not aware of the various fields of study they can explore and due to this, students end up limiting their choices and consequently choose a stream which may not capture their interest completely. This creates problems for both the student, as he is not completely enjoying what he is doing, and employers, as they are not able to find talented employees who are driven in their field.

Finally, I feel that while the advent of smartphones and the Internet has been beneficial on the whole, it has also thrown up many new challenges to students of today. When we are never truly disconnected, there’s always a way for distractions to creep in. The Internet has enabled us all to access a bountiful of information at any given time; but it can also lead to too much information. Due to social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, we are constantly made aware of what our peers are doing at any given time – and most of the time we are exposed only to the ‘fun’ things people seem to be doing. This, at times, creates feelings of inadequacy and insecurity in teenagers who are at a very impressionable age. This has proved time and again to be a major distraction and a challenge at a time when studies and other physical activities should be the top priority.

Now, I should get back to the challenge that I will face on Saturday. My second pre-board exams.

That is all.

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