Material Things

What are material things? Are they things like your new iPhone, that brand new car sitting in your garage or that restaurant you blew five thousand bucks on last night? Why do we like material things? Do they make us happy?

One thing I’ve realised over my years of growing up, is that happiness from material things is ephemeral. It lasts only for a short while until you realise what else you need in life. What ends up happening is that you keep buying material things to remain happy, but then eventually one of two things (or both) will happen:

  • You run out of money.
  • You run out of things to buy.

What happens then? You start feeling unhappy again. You start realising that you’ve got a shit ton of stuff you wanted, but that one thing you needed isn’t still there. That one thing you needed could be anything. A group of friends, a better relationship with your parents, true love, more success in your field — anything. So then you get back into your wallow. But now you have nothing to buy, or nothing to buy it with. What now?

The point here is not that you shouldn’t indulge in luxuries and material possessions. Those are there for a reason — to make your life better and more satisfying, provided that your inner peace and inner needs are met. Think of them as the cherry on top of an already amazing cupcake. They can’t make the cupcake.

The point here is that you should understand why you’re feeling sad or low. Is it actually because you wanted that new iPad? Or is it because you have a void in your life somewhere else? You should sit and figure that out first. Material possessions are only temporarily going to fill that void. You need something concrete to fill it. You need peace. You need understanding. You need closure. Once you fill those gaps, only then can you truly enjoy what you earn.

That is all for today.

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