Review of: L’Opéra Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi

Yesterday I went to the Hauz Khas Village in New Delhi to meet up with some friends. While I was there, I discovered this cute little French boulangerie et patisserie named L’Opéra which had nice large glass windows and yummy looking treats inside!

When I peeped in, I couldn’t really see any macarons, so I casually remarked to my friend that “You know, they don’t have any macarons.” The lady who worked there heard me and excitedly said “We do!”, which succeeded in enticing me to go in and check them out. Read on to hear my thoughts!

Service and Ambience

The store was very well decorated in the Christmas spirit.

My friend Prakhar and I decided to order two macarons – chocolate and raspberry, and a “Royal Chocolate” to split.

The service was quite fast, and the serving staff was very courteous and polite. The man who served us delivered us our order quite promptly, and was very polite and amiable. He always spoke to us and served us with a smile, and his service really justified the price that we were paying at L’Opéra. He even agreed to take a photograph of my friend and I while we were there, with no qualms at all, and he did not seem to be in a hurry.

The shop was quite well decorated in the Christmas spirit, and felt extremely welcoming. There was a small Christmas tree on the counter, and the entire place was decked out in Christmas ornaments. For a moment, I really felt like I was transported back to Paris, looking at the items on offer and the decor. Many restaurants try to be foreign feeling, but end up looking quite try-hard. L’Opéra, though, seemed to have found a balance between feeling authentic, and at the same time capturing the Parisien and French charm.

L’Opéra did not have that feeling of being too try-hard foreign that many restaurants seem to evoke.

However, I must add that their seating area was quite… cosy. There were only two tables, each with the capacity of three, and two tall bar tables that didn’t look too comfortable. That is why it came as no surprise that most customers in the shop were there for a takeaway rather than to sit down and enjoy their pastries. The L’Opéra in Hauz Khas Village seemed more suited for a quick takeaway than a chill session.


The macarons and the Royal Chocolate

Let me start off with the macarons. The one I had was raspberry.

When I popped the entire thing into my mouth, at first the macaron felt slightly hard, but as I bit into it, I could start to taste the raspberry filling in between. The raspberry felt quite refreshing and cool, and the surrounding macaron was quite light as well. It was certainly not comparable to the macarons I’ve had in France at Angelina and the Lindt Shop, also incidentally at the Paris Opéra, but it did a good job at introducing someone to what a macaron is, since most folks around here would probably have not tried one before.

Macarons are meant to be had in the following fashion (according to moi):

  1. Pop the entire macaron into your mouth.
  2. Close your eyes.
  3. Slowly bite in and take in the flavour.
  4. Order another one.

I did the same at L’Opéra with their macaron, and I thought it was quite decent. Not super expensive either, at ₹132 for one.


Next up, the Royal Chocolate. This one was a completely different beast! So rich, so chocolatey!

Starting from the first bite into this delicious brown coloured cube of sugary goodness, I could feel my heart telling me “Bro, this is absolute pure bliss. Give me more.”, and my eyes automatically shutting in order to focus completely on the flavour that was melting in my mouth. It was the perfect blend of chocolate, and it was made absolutely remarkably. The person responsible for baking this beautiful little thing must be excessively talented.

However, it was quite expensive, at ₹310 for one. I personally felt it was worth it, though.

To Sum Up

I think this is a fantastic place, and if you happen to find one around Delhi you must step in and try it out. The macarons may not be their strong point, but you can try out one in order to get a taste of what it is like. In other words, they are not bad, but not very great either. However, their pastries and mousses seemed very well made. Royal Chocolate was absolutely wonderful, and I would love to go again to try out more.

Cookies on sale at L’Opéra

You can give the macarons a miss, but definitely try out their pastries and mousses.

Do leave a comment below if you’ve been there or want to go, and let me know your thoughts!

– Mayank

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