Hey guys.

Today I wanted to tell you about a project I did in my winter break last year, called GiftAMemory.

I went out and took pictures of people I saw on the street – but instead of just posting the pictures online, I printed them out and gifted the prints back to them. I called it ‘Gifting a memory’. Most of these people cannot afford cameras or even smartphones, and while it’s easy for us to whip out our phones and take selfies, it’s not so easy for everyone to capture memories of their time.

Watch this video I made of the project:

It took me just an afternoon to take the pictures and get them printed and gifted.

Why don’t we all try to do this more?

Acoustic Sessions

Hi guys!

I know it’s been a while since I posted. That doesn’t mean I wasn’t upto anything. In fact, I’ve been doing quite a bit.

My vacations just got over and I’ve started my 4th semester of college!

Today I want to show you what I was up to during my break. One of those things was Acoustic Sessions.

Over December, I decided to shoot videos of me playing my guitar completely acoustic and live. No backing vocal tracks, no double takes, no part-by-part recording. Guitar and mic, plain and simple. I released four Acoustic Sessions videos in four weeks. Two original songs (including a new one that I’d made this December!) and two covers.

Here’s the playlist of those four. Have fun and let me know what you think!


TechTatva 2015!

So this month, TechTatva took place in my college! 🙂

TechTatva is a college-level technical fest. I was part of the social media team of the fest. And as part of the team, I was tasked with helping create video content for the YouTube channel of the fest.

This is all what I helped create:

#1: The Manipal Conclave 2015

This video was shot over 2 days and took a great amount of work to complete. After shooting, the sessionals started so we couldn’t really do much immediately after. But that gave us time to refresh and think of the editing with a fresh mind. Three weeks later, it was uploaded on YouTube.

I did the shooting and the editing was done collectively by Anirudha Sadasivan and I. The movie was ideated by Anirudha. Abhimanyu played the lead.

#2: Don’t Stay in the Dark

This was so much fun to record and edit! It was conceptualised by Omar, written by Anirudha and shot by me. Omar and Rishabh acted.

#3: On The Streets

Though I was not part of the shooting of this video, I was tasked with editing it. And it was a ton of fun doing so. I remember starting at 11pm and finishing at 1am – two whole hours of continuous, fun editing. The idea was Aditi’s!

#4: Time Flies

This video was entirely thought of and shot by Anirudha and I. We went about shooting time lapses the entire second day of TechTatva and edited it soon after. I really love this video, specially the ending shot of the MIT main gate.

That’s about it! I’m really looking forward to our next fest now, which will be in March.



Hey guys.

Some of you may have noticed that I haven’t made or uploaded a vlog in almost a month. I’m sorry for that. My sessionals get over on Tuesday and I’m gonna be making some awesome shiz after that!

Watch out for it! 🙂



A few weekends back the talented people at MTTN and I started planning this video depicting a race between a cyclist and a runner between NLB and AB5 at MIT, Manipal.

This is the result! 😀