Decided To Try Something New On Instagram

Hey there.

So today morning I was bored as hell after getting up and I wanted to do something new. So I posted a 15 second cover of Yellowcard’s ‘Ocean Avenue’ on Instagram! My inspiration was totally Us The Duo (google em up if you haven’t heard of them. Their Vines are amazing.).

Here it is!

Let me know what you think.


The Exams Have Started!

Ahhhh it’s that time of the year again. The weather is impeccable – just in between the cold, annoying winter and the frustratingly hot summer freaking hot now. The city is filled with sunlight again, without with the horrible temperatures that come with it. Musicians and DJs are flocking to all the Indian cities to play shows.

…all while us 12th graders study for our board exams. And I’m one of them!

It’s amazing, really, how they have the entire nation’s 17 year olds in a spell. Bound to our books, we can’t really think of anything else at the moment!

However, I do plan to continue writing this blog right after this redundant attempt at analyzing the relative capabilities of pupils across the nation is over, on the 27th of this month.

That is all.

Apologies For Not Writing

Hi There, Followers!

I’ve decided not to share this on my Facebook, so that I can address you guys – my WordPress followers. My sincere apologies for not writing lately! I’ve been having these pre-board exams one after the other after the other (it goes on) and I haven’t had time to catch a breath – let alone sit for 90 minutes and write a post. I’ve been inspired and ideas have popped in and out of my head, yes, and I will make sure I write about them as soon as possible!

I wholeheartedly thank all (nine?) of you for following my blog and I absolutely do not want to give this up. I always go by this quote when I think of growing my blog:

“Rome wasn’t built in a day”

Thank you and have a great weekend.

Mayank Sehgal