Today I’m going to tell you a story about a boy called Manny.

When Manny was in 9th standard, his father told him, “Look Manny, these next two years are very important. You should study really hard now, 11th and 12th will be a lot better then. I promise.” He had many hobbies, but he was mainly interested in painting and drawing. His father told him, “Look, you will have a lot of time to paint and draw later in life. For now you should work hard in school so you can get settled in a nice high school.” So Manny decided to give less importance to his hobbies and decided to study. He wanted to achieve this supposedly great state of being, a state which his father called being settled.

Soon enough, he was facing his 10th boards. He braved each and every exam, acing all of them. He scored a perfect 10 CGPA. Manny was happy. Manny’s father was happy. Manny wrote various entrance tests to try to get accepted into a coaching institute, a place where he would be trained for more entrance tests. He eventually managed to get into one which was considered the best in his city.

Manny was happy. Manny’s father was happy. Manny’s father told him, “Son, these next two years are very important. You should study really hard now, university will be a lot better then. I promise.” He now had only two hobbies, painting and drawing. His father told him, “Look Manny. You will have a lot of time and avenues to pursue your hobbies later in life. You need to focus on your studies for now, so you can get settled in a nice college.” So Manny decided to give less importance to painting and drawing and decided to study. He was now even more intrigued by this strange but attractive state of being, which was being settled.

What all he could do once he was settled. He could live his life to the fullest when he was settled. He was waiting for that time.

Manny studied really hard the next two years. He gave very less importance to his hobbies and focused even more on his studies. He gave his entrance exams, and managed to secure a ‘seat’ in a very prestigious engineering college. Manny was happy. Manny’s father was happy. At the same time, because of his work painting and drawing, he also managed to get admission into a very prestigious art school. Manny was happy.

Manny’s father told him, “Look son, you should study engineering. You should become an engineer, only then can you be settled. You will have a lot of time for art and craft later in life. For now your focus should be on getting settled.” So Manny decided to study engineering. Manny’s father was happy.

During his engineering, Manny had lots of opportunities to explore the arts. He got internship offers, he got freelance opportunities. Manny was happy. He consulted his father about each of these, and his father told him, “Look son, you’ll have lots of these opportunities once you are settled. For now you should focus on your studies and try to get opportunities which can help you get settled.” Manny’s father arranged internships for him in all the best tech firms around the country every summer. Manny worked all these internships every summer. Manny’s father was happy. Manny now only thought about his hobbies, about when he would paint and draw. He would pick up a pencil and paper every once in a while, and doodle something. He would then remember his father’s words, and immediately continue studying.

Manny graduated engineering after four years with a CGPA of 9.86. Manny was indifferent. Manny’s father was at first a little disappointed, but then eventually happy. Manny had gotten an offer from one of the greatest tech firms in the country to work for them. Manny’s father told Manny, “Look son, you need to accept that offer. Only then can you really get settled.” Manny had considered pursuing the arts now that his engineering was over, but was tempted by the possibility of getting settled if he took a job.

Manny decided to accept the offer. The time for art was later, once he was settled. He decided to work for some time and pursue the arts later, once he had some stability, and more importantly, once he was settled. Manny’s father was happy.

Manny worked for two years in that company before he was offered a promotion. He accepted it. ‘If I take this promotion, I’ll be earning more. I’ll be closer on my way to get settled. I can pursue art then.’

Manny worked five more years in that company.

One day, Manny’s father asked him, “Son, what are your plans for getting married? Your mother and I have found a girl for you. We would like you to meet her. We think she’s a girl you can settle with.” Manny ended up marrying the girl. One step closer to being settled, he thought.

Manny worked five more years in his company. He climbed the corporate ladder and eventually he was made vice-president. Manny was happy. Manny’s father was happy.

Manny’s father asked him, “Son, what are your plans for having kids? I think you are settled enough to give us some grand-children.” Manny had his first child the next year. He had a boy. Manny was happy. Manny’s father was happy. Almost settled, he thought. Almost settled.

Manny had now forgotten about his long-lost passion for the arts.

When Manny’s son was in the 9th standard, Manny told him, “Look son, these next two years are very important. You should study really hard now, 11th and 12th will be a lot better then. I promise.”

I’m going to conclude this by quoting, well, myself:

“BTech is love, BTech is life. BTech is the root to good dowry and wife.”


Material Things

What are material things? Are they things like your new iPhone, that brand new car sitting in your garage or that restaurant you blew five thousand bucks on last night? Why do we like material things? Do they make us happy?

One thing I’ve realised over my years of growing up, is that happiness from material things is ephemeral. It lasts only for a short while until you realise what else you need in life. What ends up happening is that you keep buying material things to remain happy, but then eventually one of two things (or both) will happen:

  • You run out of money.
  • You run out of things to buy.

What happens then? You start feeling unhappy again. You start realising that you’ve got a shit ton of stuff you wanted, but that one thing you needed isn’t still there. That one thing you needed could be anything. A group of friends, a better relationship with your parents, true love, more success in your field — anything. So then you get back into your wallow. But now you have nothing to buy, or nothing to buy it with. What now?

The point here is not that you shouldn’t indulge in luxuries and material possessions. Those are there for a reason — to make your life better and more satisfying, provided that your inner peace and inner needs are met. Think of them as the cherry on top of an already amazing cupcake. They can’t make the cupcake.

The point here is that you should understand why you’re feeling sad or low. Is it actually because you wanted that new iPad? Or is it because you have a void in your life somewhere else? You should sit and figure that out first. Material possessions are only temporarily going to fill that void. You need something concrete to fill it. You need peace. You need understanding. You need closure. Once you fill those gaps, only then can you truly enjoy what you earn.

That is all for today.

What Are We All Afraid Of?

Hey there! My exams all got over on the 17th of this month, about 3 days back. Hence I’ve decided I’m gonna write more often! I will try to, at least. Let’s get to it.

What are we all afraid of? Well, apart from the fear caused by threat to our lives, what else scares (most of) us to bits? What is it that the principal of the school has that the substitute teacher doesn’t that makes us scared of her? What does the boss have that our co-workers don’t that makes us want to impress him? What is this which causes this fear?

This is my theory: it’s judgement. We humans are afraid of being judged. We couldn’t give two hoots about what the substitute teacher thinks of us because she’ll be gone in an hour. The principal is there to stay. It’s important that the principal thinks good of us. The substitute teacher is unimportant. The principal has power. Similarly, the boss has power. All of this is well and good, but what am I getting at here?

The fear of judgement can be a good tool to get us working – when in the correct environment with the appropriate people. You’ve gotta recognize the power certain people have and give respect to it.

The problem starts when one starts fearing everyone’s judgement. That is what creates social anxiety. Social anxiety is exactly this in a nutshell. The fear of being judged. This fear is irrational and goes for everyone. People who have social anxiety possess this fear and this fear is exactly what causes anxiety in a social environment.

What are the other implications of this fear of being judged? One is the noise students create in class/a bus/the assembly hall. Students are quiet when there is a person of authority nearby but not a normal teacher. Have you ever experienced this? When the principal walks into the room, what is it that the students are afraid of? Is he going to whip out a pistol and start shooting everyone who talks? No. The students are afraid of his judgement. It’s just simply that.

Why are some parts of the city incredibly dirty while others are squeaky clean? It’s the judgement. No one’s gonna judge you for throwing a small chips packet into a pile of burning trash in some murky part of the city. No one cares. Go to a posh locality and do the same thing – boom. Instant judgement and intense stares from passers-by. Some people might pass comments too. No one wants that.

Why do some people go to such great heights to procure and possess large houses and luxury cars? Judgement.

Of course, there are exceptions to every generalisation and this is no exception. Some people have genuine reasons for what they do. But judgement will play a small part, if any, in any of those. Observe and you shall notice.

What about the people who do it anyway? The kids who speak rudely to the principal? The guys who scream at their boss? That ass-hat who troubles the elderly in parks? Those guys aren’t afraid of being judged. So basically, our entire society boils down to this. Judgement.

What do we do with this knowledge? Let me give you a few ideas.

Teachers: give the respect you receive some value. That’s important. If the kids don’t know why they should respect you, apart from your mere position, they won’t. Why are some teachers better respected than others in a school? Because they know that the respect will get them something or somewhere. The principal can get them out of trouble. The PT teacher can get them more games periods. That awesome physics teacher can teach them something awesome out of class. What can you do? If you’re looking to discipline your kids, you need to give them value.

Socially Anxious People: Stop fearing judgement from everyone. No one on the street gives two hoots about how you behave. Those new kids who you want to meet and make friends with? If they don’t appreciate you for you, they’re probably not worth being with anyway. Same goes for women/men you might be trying to chase. Stop fearing. Start doing.

Leaders (or people aiming to be them): Leaders would know this already, but the rest need to know this: Stop fearing judgement. The men and women who are the current leaders in their fields did not care about what people thought when they started doing what they are doing. Start doing. Stop thinking.


That’s all for today guys. Keep in mind my album is gonna drop anytime in the next few months and it’s gonna be a free download! You shall be updated.

Take care and have a good day.

Mayank Sehgal

KCET Chemistry 2014 : What The Hell Was That?

Hey guys.

As you all know, yesterday and today were the days of the exam that 23244.23*10-23 moles of students had been preparing for since 2 years back. All those hours of strenuous study were to be culminated in the four (or three, if Bio is not your thing) exams held over the course of the past two days. All those days of preparation were to be tested in these exams. One’s rank in the KCET will determine which college one joins, if at all. (Actually, any rank will definitely get an engineering seat, seeing as to how there are more engineering seats than takers for them. I can’t say the same for medical though.) And as we students of Indian parents all know, this is pretty much a life or death situation. The outcome of this one exam (out of many, though) will initiate a chain reaction which will affect (including but not limited to) your student life for the next four years, the job you get, the kinda girl who will agree to marry you, the kinda boss you will likely have, how happy your parents will be with you… I can go on. I won’t though. You get my drift. (I also hope you get my sarcasm, for all the serious ones in you who are quick to pick up a comment fight.)

It’s also the difference between an office and a bed office. Obviously, we want the latter right?


The Bed Office at my CET centre. Must be good to work there.
The Bed Office at my CET centre. Must be good to work there.


I think we’ve established how important this exam is. But why am I here writing about this? We know this already, don’t we? I’m here to write about Chemistry. Oh Chemistry, you beauty. I’m gonna write about you today.

It was 12pm when I finished my physics exam. It went alright-ish, I couldn’t change anything about it anyway so I chose not to think about it. I saw my mum outside the exam hall, and then we went to McDonald’s to grab a quick lunch, because I was hungry as hell after all those fast paced 60 questions that daunted me just an hour and a half prior. It was quite an uneventful lunch, save for the small conversation I had with two friends of mine while waiting our turn at the cashier. The place was absolutely PACKED with students though. It was as if a big student bird laid an egg in that particular McD’s and that egg had just hatched, to give out dozens of adolescent males and females thronging the cashier there, with absolutely no sense of making a queue. (yeah, in such a humongous McD’s, there was only one order counter. During lunch time. Yeah.)

After having that small (it wasn’t really, I had a pretty large burger. It was awesome.) lunch, I had to spend an hour waiting to start writing this god-forsaken chem exam. ‘Just one last’, I thought. ‘It should be fine, it’s just CET. The questions will be direct. I can hope for a decent-ish score.’ Oh, how wrong was I. I had no books to revise from, but thankfully I had my phone. I spent exactly an hour sitting on the roadside browsing Reddit, exploring Facebook and replying back to some mails (yeah, I use mails. I’m old school.) and then I went inside the Basaveshwara Composite PU College to sit down at my place.

It looked like I was slightly late. Almost everyone had occupied their place already. Anyhoo, I proceeded to sit and soon after the invigilator handed me my OMR. I honestly wasn’t so nervous at first. That feeling changed once I got my question paper though. Once that hallowed bell rang (seven, eight times) at 2:40pm, I started to open my paper. I tore off the seal. “This should be alright”, I thought. So naïve of me.

I looked at the first question. Sweat started dripping down my temples. “It’s alright, just the first one. The others will be easier.” Oh, so naïve of me.

To say the paper was tough would be an understatement. It was as if the KEA paper-setters had a meeting and decided “You know what would be fun? Let’s make this year’s paper anything but of CET standards. That’ll shock people. It’ll be funny!” The paper struck me like the auto-rickshaw that almost crashed into my car this morning. Except that it didn’t almost crash, it actually did.

Somehow, I managed to finish the paper through a combination of guesswork, calculated guesswork, and the application of a skilled craft known as ‘eenie meanie’. A lot of the last one actually. When I stepped out of the exam hall at 3:55pm, I was treated to the shocked faces of all my exam-mates (what do you call them?). Everyone looked like their kidneys were stolen from them. It was… weird. The atmosphere had a strange air to it.

After getting into an auto-rickshaw, I saw I had a missed call from a friend of mine. On calling her I learnt that the paper’s horribleness was true for her as well. I checked Facebook. Somebody had already posted about it. It was starting, the reaction.

Wow, what a paper. Just… wow.

Also, I think you’d wanna listen to this song of mine. It’s about the plight of the students studying for these exams, me included.

Leave your comments below!

What Would You Do?

What Would You Do?

Imagine if life just stopped
You were left without a job
And money was no object
What would you do?

Would you roam the globe
Would you spend your days painting
Or would you relax by the beach
What would you do?

Imagine if life just stopped
You were left without a job
The world did not exist
What would you do?

Would you cook, would you dance,
Would you love and take a chance
Or would you knock on heaven’s door
What would you do?

Oh don’t ask me, don’t ask your parents.
And don’t ask your girlfriend too.
Just ask yourself –
what would you do?

Just a small, little poem I wrote today since I was bored.

Challenges That Face Students Today

After 3 weeks of inactivity, this is my first post! Today I’m going to write about the challenges students face today.

There are many challenges facing students of the globally interconnected world today. One of them is the lack of a stable economy. The economic situation in many countries at the moment isn’t as optimistic as it was a few years ago. With the cost of education rising so rapidly this has been leading many individuals, especially students with intentions to study abroad, to rethink their choice of education. The increasing cost of education and living, coupled with an uncertainty in getting a job after graduation is proving to be quite a hurdle for many aspiring to get a world-class education.

Another problem which troubles students today is the increasing competition. In India, for example, there are only a handful of colleges of high repute and there are hundreds of thousands of students aiming to get accepted into one of them. The number of applicants is rising year after year while the number of colleges and places at these colleges has not been proportionately growing. This leads to a lot of pressure and has been leading many to spend a disproportionately large amount time in high-school studying in order to achieve high grades, thereby missing out on the opportunity to develop other facets of their personality.

Thirdly, there is also a distinct lack of knowledge among students today regarding opportunities and options after high-school. Most are not aware of the various fields of study they can explore and due to this, students end up limiting their choices and consequently choose a stream which may not capture their interest completely. This creates problems for both the student, as he is not completely enjoying what he is doing, and employers, as they are not able to find talented employees who are driven in their field.

Finally, I feel that while the advent of smartphones and the Internet has been beneficial on the whole, it has also thrown up many new challenges to students of today. When we are never truly disconnected, there’s always a way for distractions to creep in. The Internet has enabled us all to access a bountiful of information at any given time; but it can also lead to too much information. Due to social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, we are constantly made aware of what our peers are doing at any given time – and most of the time we are exposed only to the ‘fun’ things people seem to be doing. This, at times, creates feelings of inadequacy and insecurity in teenagers who are at a very impressionable age. This has proved time and again to be a major distraction and a challenge at a time when studies and other physical activities should be the top priority.

Now, I should get back to the challenge that I will face on Saturday. My second pre-board exams.

That is all.

The Most Well-Written Bollywood Song Ever (With English Translation)

Lo and behold: ‘Sunny Sunny’ from the movie ‘Yaariyan’.

My first impression: Wow. What a song. Such deep meaning. This sort of stuff totally trumps even Bohemian Rhapsody. When did Bollywood become so good? I’m sure it’s Honey Singh’s magic. Dude seems to be everywhere these days. Much like India’s Justin Bieber. Wow.

Sunny Sunny

Today the water is blue.
Water water water water water.
The day is also sunny.
Sunny sunny sunny sunny sunny.
Dude come to the beach.
Click my picture. Your luck will be bad if you don’t listen.

My interpretation: The writer is obviously enjoying a very vivid imagination. Is he high? I mean, who can come up with this kind of stuff? Wow. Also we are made to understand that the writer has a compulsive need to share everything on Instagram (presumably, since he also seems very hip) and is very superstitious. What a personality.

Moving on…

It should be sunset time.
The night should be cold.
Let’s go to party, dudes.
I can’t wait anymore.
Start the music.
It’s getting late man, start the party.
Make me drink from the bottle.
After that, I don’t care.

My interpretation: The song takes on a very ambitious turn. The writer obviously knows how to have fun. We are now made to understand that he is a very impatient person. There are signs of possible alcohol and/or milk abuse (make me drink from the bottle/bottle pila do mujhko). The writer also makes a bold statement that he will not care about anything once he’s done drinking. He clearly hasn’t had a drink before. Hence we conclude that the aforementioned abuse was milk related. Also, the entire stanza sounds like what the really restless, wannabe alpha dude at every gathering would say.

Also, is that ice-cream? Damn I feel like having some now.

One: you should be there. I should also be there.
And the sound of the sea should be present as well.
Come to my arms, what are you waiting for?
I’ll take you on my lovely little yacht.
We’ll get drunk on Malibu shots.

My interpretation: Very demanding. I’m impressed. He’s clearly expressing his innate alpha-male character. The mere fact that he being present along with her, with the sea-sound supposedly acting as a catalyst to heat things up, will get her to agree to come to his arms is a testimony to his greatness. Also, he owns a ‘lovely little yacht’. What’s not to like? Alpha as f*ck, rich as f*ck and ballsy as f*ck. Moreover, what the hell are Malibu shots? I should totally google that up.

So guys, there you go. This song should win the award for best lyrics. Seriously. Such deep meaning has not been come across by me in a very long time. With three unique stanzas, this dude Honey Singh has done what most lyricists can’t. I’m impressed.

Let’s go yachting.

How Life Works

Today, I’m going to write about how life works. No shit, totally serious stuff. This post is inspired from this comic I read on 9GAG Akimbo Comics.

It’s funny how most of us are so busy trying to figure out our life that we forget that we have it already figured out. Our lives right now are a direct realisation of how we want them to be – even without knowing it.

You might ask though: “But I wanted to be super-smart and filthy rich! I’m none of those things at the moment! My life sucks bollocks!” Well, my point still holds. If you really wanted all those things, you’d spend ALL your waking hours working towards those goals. You probably wouldn’t attend to your social life, watch TV, enjoy your hobbies or maintain relationships. With enough hard work and perseverance, there’s no reason why you wouldn’t achieve your goals! But that’s where the trap-door lies. Your other occupations are far more important than the goals you think you want to achieve.

What about things which are out of your control? It’s a waste of time thinking about them. I quote from the comic “Worrying about shit you can’t change is a waste. You might as well be pissed you can’t fly or breathe underwater.” This is absolutely true, and I speak from experience.

All in all, the thought I’m trying to instil here is that we can have absolutely whatever we want in life – just as long as we’re absolutely willing to put in more than a hundred percent in achieving it. Putting in 50 percent will only get you half the way. Our circumstances are a DIRECT consequence of our thoughts and actions.

Here’s the original comic from 9GAG Akimbo Comics:


5 Things People Do That Make No Sense

Today I’m going to write about 5 things I have observed people around me doing which have made absolutely no sense at all.

#1 : Helmets

This is something which has ALWAYS baffled me.

Why do two wheelers only have the rider sitting in the front wearing a helmet and NEVER the pillion rider?

Seriously? Is the pillion rider some sort of invincible super-human who doesn’t need a helmet? What gives? I’ve spoken to a few traffic cops about this too. All of them say that the law only requires the rider to wear a helmet. Makes sense.

This also applies for cars and seat-belts. Only the front two passengers are required to wear a belt. The rear two (or more?) are totally safe in the event of a crash.

#2 : Sidewalks

This is about people walking on the road instead of the sidewalk. Even when there is a sidewalk available.

Perhaps we like to live on the edge.

#3 : Smartphone Apps

We all know someone like this.

#4 : The PDA Rule

You’re not allowed to show affection in public (read: kissing) but you can quite fearlessly show your privates in public.

Makes so much sense the logic ministry broke down.

#5 : Taking pictures with foreigners

Whenever I’ve travelled around to tourist places with friends from Europe, we were approached by absolutely RANDOM people asking to take pictures. Seriously?


Yeah, so basically that’s it. There are a lot more things, though, which people do and make no sense.

It would make no sense to list them all here.

That is all.