What Would You Do?

What Would You Do?

Imagine if life just stopped
You were left without a job
And money was no object
What would you do?

Would you roam the globe
Would you spend your days painting
Or would you relax by the beach
What would you do?

Imagine if life just stopped
You were left without a job
The world did not exist
What would you do?

Would you cook, would you dance,
Would you love and take a chance
Or would you knock on heaven’s door
What would you do?

Oh don’t ask me, don’t ask your parents.
And don’t ask your girlfriend too.
Just ask yourself –
what would you do?

Just a small, little poem I wrote today since I was bored.

5 Truths About Leaders

Today, I’m going to write about Leadership.

I’m sure all of us at some point or the other have always wanted to be a leader. At school, at work and in society – the one thing which is common in all of these is the presence of a leader. What does a leader do? Why does every entity, group or institution require a leader? More importantly, what does it take to be a leader?

Read on to be able to answer some of these questions.

Truth #1: You Don’t Need To Be a Leader to Be One.

It may sound counter intuitive at first. But the truth is, you don’t need
to be a leader to be one. No one is required to be appointed as a leader by anyone else to be able to lead. Leadership is an attitude; a way of life. It’s not a job or a title. It’s the way one chooses to live.

Think of it this way – you can either choose to dive head-first into all important decisions and be a self-proclaimed and self-asserted alpha in your social group (or place of work, or school) or you can choose to hide in the side-lines and watch while someone else takes that place and all the responsibilities which come with it. No one has to give you a title ‘Mr Firstname Lastname, Leader’ for you to lead. Even if you’re in the lowest ranked job or at the bottom of the school social food-chain (those still exist?), you can still express assertiveness and get things done by people. It’s just your attitude at the end of the day.

Truth #2: The Title (or lack thereof) Doesn’t Come For Free

Sure, being a leader has its perks and awesomeness. But it also comes at a cost – responsibility. Does President Obama sit and chill in his office all day? He’s got a ton of respect as a leader. He still has to do work. If he doesn’t perform, next election he’s out. Even if you don’t have the title of President or even any title at all, being a self-asserted leader also comes at its costs. Once people start developing trust in you as a leader, you have to work. You gotta make the decisions, go through the negotiations and make sure you’re providing the best for the ones you’re leading.

Truth #3: Leading ≠ Bossing

The job of a leader is not to boss around and get people to do things for him while he sits and drinks coffee in his room. The leader is entrusted with the responsibility to develop and train the entire group of people he/she’s leading. The leader leaves no one behind. He’s the protective and nurturing big brother you’ve always wanted.

Truth #4: The Leader Doesn’t Care About Opinions

Now don’t get me wrong. Leaders should definitely take feedback from their colleagues and friends and understand whether what they’re doing is correct or not. But it stops at that. The leader shouldn’t care about what people think of him. Those are usually short term things. The leader always looks at the bigger picture and takes appropriate actions to achieve long-term goals.

Truth #5: There Can Be More Than One Leader

Leaders are not lone warriors standing at the top, guarding, while the rest stay put and let him do all the worrying. At the end of the day, who are you leading? A team. Don’t forget that. The leader needs to work with his team to determine the best course of action for all situations.

That is all for today and thank you for reading!

PS: My exams are starting in a week’s time. I may not be able to write as often as I have been over the past 2 weeks anymore. However, I will try my best to keep writing regularly!

How Life Works

Today, I’m going to write about how life works. No shit, totally serious stuff. This post is inspired from this comic I read on 9GAG Akimbo Comics.

It’s funny how most of us are so busy trying to figure out our life that we forget that we have it already figured out. Our lives right now are a direct realisation of how we want them to be – even without knowing it.

You might ask though: “But I wanted to be super-smart and filthy rich! I’m none of those things at the moment! My life sucks bollocks!” Well, my point still holds. If you really wanted all those things, you’d spend ALL your waking hours working towards those goals. You probably wouldn’t attend to your social life, watch TV, enjoy your hobbies or maintain relationships. With enough hard work and perseverance, there’s no reason why you wouldn’t achieve your goals! But that’s where the trap-door lies. Your other occupations are far more important than the goals you think you want to achieve.

What about things which are out of your control? It’s a waste of time thinking about them. I quote from the comic “Worrying about shit you can’t change is a waste. You might as well be pissed you can’t fly or breathe underwater.” This is absolutely true, and I speak from experience.

All in all, the thought I’m trying to instil here is that we can have absolutely whatever we want in life – just as long as we’re absolutely willing to put in more than a hundred percent in achieving it. Putting in 50 percent will only get you half the way. Our circumstances are a DIRECT consequence of our thoughts and actions.

Here’s the original comic from 9GAG Akimbo Comics:

Source: http://www.akimbocomics.com/?p=711